We understand the challenges you face

We’re deeply embedded in the not-for-profit sector so we understand the challenges you face and your need for concrete results. 

Our consultants bring over 15 years of experience in human resources and organisational development. We have worked in, and with, organisations of all types and sizes in the not-for-profit sector helping our partners  to create the cultures and structures that deliver their ambitions. 

Whether you’re wondering why staff turnover has risen, or looking for a chief executive, we’re the not-for-profit people specialists that organisations come back to time after time.

Training and leadership development that ensures your people have the skills they need

Effective training and development is all about being clear about what skills you have and what skills you will need in the future. Our experienced trainers, facilitators and consultants are experienced at designing and delivering programmes which include:

  • Skills audits. Our in-depth understanding of the sector and trends enable us to advise you on how to focus your learning and development efforts. We can assist you in identifying what skills your workforce needs and find solutions for filling the gaps
  • Build core management skills. Solid people management is at the heart of every successful organisation. Our HR experts will ensure you have the technical understanding you need and the confidence and skills to put it into practice. Typical areas include performance management, line management and how to have difficult conversations with staff
  • Strengthen governance. Board effectiveness is about more than everyone knowing what their legal duties are, although this is important, too! Our consultants use their own experiences of being on boards of local and national organisations combined with in-depth understanding of governance issues to deliver development sessions and advice on how to be the best board possible. This might include exploring issues around diversity, improving decision-making or looking at the role that different board members play based on their behaviours and styles
  • Getting the best out of your leadership team. Too often we come across impressive groups of individuals who are struggling to deliver a shared outcome. Our consultants are experienced at facilitating processes that help people understand their values and preferences and how these impact on their role in a group situation. This can be particularly valuable when a leadership team needs to make and deliver difficult decisions or when someone new has joined the team.

Modern not-for-profit organisations need people with a wealth of skills to lead and manage them. Changes in service delivery, communications and expectations of the workforce demand new skills from managers and leaders. Whether it’s a short-term solution for filling a skills gap or longer-term look at how to plan for future skills needs, we can help.

Learning and engagement so that your organisation continues to improve

Unlocking the ideas and potential within your organisation can be incredibly exciting. And the best performing organisations are the ones where people feel engaged. We can support you by:

  • Stakeholder engagement. Designing and delivering processes that help you to identify what staff, volunteers and other stakeholders value most about your organisation and where you might be able to increase your impact and effectiveness
  • Facilitating conversations for your leadership team and trustees that help you tackle your toughest challenges. This might include reviewing or developing your strategy, organisational values or culture. By asking powerful, positive questions and creating a safe, inclusive environment, we can help your people to generate solutions, explore differences and create a shared vision for the future
  • Facilitating action learning sets. The leaders we meet share a common need for structured time to reflect a safe space of trust and confidence to explore challenges and an opportunity to look at things differently. We can facilitate action learning sets within your organisation or build groups from across the sector.

Seeking feedback from employees, staff and other important groups that you work with is a great opportunity to grow and learn. So too is providing opportunities for your people to learn from each other and find creative ways to problem solve. We are experienced at designing and facilitating processes that can help.

Supporting people through change

Every change programme is different and we will work with you to ensure your people have what they need every step of the way. Typically, our support covers practical and strategic issues such as:

  • Staff consultation and job design and matching that is based on experience in the sector and access to trusted sources of guidance on issues like salary levels and competencies
  • Recruitment support for internal and external selection processes. Our team is highly experienced at designing and delivering robust and transparent processes. We are able to design bespoke assessment centres to ensure that you have the right people in the right places
  • Structured outplacement and career support to staff who leave your organisation. We can support people to re-evaluate their skills and how these are presented. We are also able to develop a programme of one-to-one support, including confidential coaching and development built around personal and professional goals
  • Development work to help new teams to be effective. Our consultants are experienced at facilitating processes that help people understand their values and preferences and how these impact on their role in a group situation
  • HR support for resolving sensitive issues. Even the best managed processes can occasionally lead to grievances, disciplinaries or the need for an HR investigation. NFP can provide the legal and personal support to protect you and help you reach a satisfactory outcome.

Our sector is changing and mergers and restructures are common. We provide support that ensures change is implemented successfully and that staff affected are treated fairly. 

Creating an organisational brand that attracts and retains the best people

In an increasingly competitive market for employees and volunteers, we can help you identify and communicate what is great about working for and with your organisation. This includes:

  • Salary reviews and benchmarking that is based on respected sources, as well as research into comparator organisations. Some of our clients want a quick snapshot of the market whilst others want a more in-depth review of current arrangements and recommendations for appropriate pay structures and how to manage a sustainable and fair remuneration strategy
  • Advice on your total rewards package. Increasingly, potential employees are equally interested in other benefits alongside pay and basic benefits. NFP is able to advise you on best practice in the policies and practices around flexible working, varied working patterns and employee engagement
  • Employee branding. Having attractive and competitive employee benefits is important but communicating what you offer in terms of reward, culture and values is even more vital. We can support you to develop an approach to marketing your organisation and how to access the employees you are looking for.

The way that you present your ambitions, culture and the experience of your employees is becoming increasingly important for attracting and retaining valued staff and for boosting your reputation more generally. We can help you show yourself at your best .

HR and workforce challenges

The challenges of managing, retaining and developing people are many and varied. Lots of our clients are grappling with the dilemma of being complex enough to experience these challenges but having insufficient capacity to manage them in-house. Whether it’s a one-off HR crisis or a longer-term look at planning and management, our HR experts can help.Our support includes:

  • Reviewing current policies and procedures. We can advise on the core policies that you need, provide examples and help you to develop a suite of materials that will ensure that you are not only complying with employment law but that staff and volunteers are clear about how they are being managed
  • Developing and implementing performance management. Our  consultants will work with you to create a performance framework which meets your organisations needs and ensures that your managers have the skills they need to put it into practice
  • Developing the current and future workforce. We are familiar with sector trends in skills, employee expectations and external dynamics which will help you build a strategy for developing people, recruiting new staff and volunteers and building capabilities within your organisation
  • One-off, confidential support to handle difficult situations. Things can go wrong in the best run organisations. If they do, we can provide the legal and personal support to protect you and help you reach a satisfactory outcome. This includes grievances, disciplinaries and HR investigations.

The challenges of managing, retaining and developing people are many and varied. Whether it’s managing a crisis or a longer-term look at planning and management, our HR experts can help.

"NFP  have taken incredible care to make sure we got the right candidates through careful selection processes, really working to understand our organisation and it's needs and culture. They take a really thorough approach - no flannel, just great professionalism and attention to detail. If only all search and selection agencies were as thorough as you!"

Joanne Segars, Chief Executive