Chief Sharer and Founder of Compare and Share and global Sharing Economy expert:

“I was actually someone who attended a 'Making the Leap' seminar in 2010 and at that event I met Vanessa Burgess from Enterprise UK who was hiring a Head of Global Entrepreneurship. I was inspired by the seminar as I was looking to leave the TV industry where I had worked for over 20 years.

The NFP seminar gave me the information and the inspiration I needed to make the leap into the charity sector. I applied for the Head of Global Entrepreneurship position and was selected.

Carroll was a fantastic support through the recruitment process and subsequently when I started my role - she kept in touch. NFP is a brilliant organisation, it helps support those who want to make the leap from the corporate sector into the charity sector. Thanks to the great work of NFP, the charity sector are able to attract and engage highly talented people from the private sector, enabling the growth of civil society.

NFP changed my life. Thanks to their support, I made the career change of my life and am now a global expert in the Sharing Economy, running a global business, the comparison marketplace of the Sharing Economy. Starting a social business with the ambition to be the go-to brand of the Sharing Economy is something I may never have done without the invaluable help of NFP. Thank you!”