Bill Brierley, Freshwater Biological Association

View of Rye nature reserve

We employed NFP to help guide and work with us to undergo a major organisational change. The Freshwater Biological Association(FBA) is a small independent membership organisation and charity that started in 1929 and so we have a rich heritage that we want to preserve but realise that we must change. The resources and expertise required to undertake such a significant change in a short time were not available internally and so based on a recommendation we employed the services of NFP.

Simon pulled together a team to deliver advice and help us run the change programme covering employment legislation, job evaluation and classification, attendance and support through a period of staff consultation and provision of expert HR advice as we come through the organisational change.

Kate and Jen worked tirelessly in supporting me, as Chief Executive, and the staff at the FBA through this difficult time. Their dedication to helping the organisation through this period cannot be underestimated. They have become friends as well as close working colleagues. I know that there are also many NFP staff that I have not got to know as well who have also made my job a lot easier and Simon himself has always made himself  available to talk through difficult issues and visit when required.  The FBA is now emerging from a difficult period of change and staff are very positive about the future.

The continuous support from Simon, Kate and Jen and the NFP team through this period when I was very new to the organisation has, for me,  made the process of change possible, especially within the short timescale required.

I would highly recommend NFP to anyone who requires help in any HR, recruitment or organisational change. They provide a highly professional, dedicated,  personal and friendly service.

Bill Brierly, Chief Executive