Layal Marten

Girl Effect

From the very first interaction with NFP, I felt part of a team bigger than myself. I called to speak to Simon on seeing the role advertised and was given such a detailed, accurate brief about the requirements of the role, the relevance of my experience, the team and culture I would be working in and the needs of the team I would be stepping into so I could understand where I could add value. Throughout the process I felt that they took so much time to understand the fit on both sides. Their due diligence is so comforting because I knew even before I walked into my new office that it was going to be a really good fit for both sides. I have been advocated for and kept updated throughout the entire process. I genuinely can't recommend them enough.

can't compliment Simon enough! He took the time and energy to understand me and what I was looking for and to match me perfectly to exactly the right role. NFP made me feel part of a team the entire way through and it has been an absolute pleasure. 

I never felt as though I was a client or a candidate to be filled. Admittedly I only applied for a single role and went all the way through but my experience of working with you has been such that I know for a fact that I would have never been put forward for something that wasn't as strong a fit as this had turned out to be. Your level of care, diligence, insight and support has  been completely unparalleled. It has genuinely been a pleasure. Thank you!

Layal Marten, Director of Individual Philanthropy, Girl Effect (2017)